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Carleton College’s policy on discrimination and academic freedom


Though Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota is private, and thus not held to the same First Amendment standards as public institutions, it has not been immune to debates on the limitations of hateful expression. Students at Carleton have expressed uncertainty about how to remain open to new ideas while also creating an inclusive and respectful environment on campus. Other Carleton students have showed concern that the balance had already tipped in favor of suppressing offensive speech. Last reviewed in 2018, Carleton’s statement on discrimination and academic freedom provides a useful framework for how to balance these core university values. 

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What we like about this policy

  • Guides faculty and students toward more inclusive practices without resorting to speech codes. 
  • Avoids establishing strict punitive measures, and instead encourages faculty and students to think about the impact of certain speech on their community. 

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