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Colgate University's task force on academic freedom and freedom of expression


In 2017, Colgate University President Brian Casey set up a task force to review the school’s history of policies governing freedom of expression and academic freedom. Over the course of a year, the administrators, faculty, and staff on the task force read and discussed a body of literature on these issues, including the school’s own past policies and statements. Whereas other policies tend to deal with free speech in isolation, the Colgate task force presents it in conjunction with other university values, such as mutual respect and trust. 

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What we like about this policy

  • Does not shy away from addressing the complex relationship between freedom of expression and diversity and inclusion, while admitting that there are no easy answers.
  • Shows how the values of freedom of expression and respect can together nurture an open, inclusive learning environment.
  • Maintains that the pursuit of knowledge requires listening as much as speech.

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