If a student asks for help planning a protest

Peaceful protests are legal, powerful expressions of free speech, but planning them can be daunting. When students ask for your support, make sure that you are equipped with accurate and helpful information to help set them up for success. There is no reason that you cannot also participate in the protest, should you choose, subject to the same provisos as students.  


    Help students understand their rights as well as the legal parameters. If you plan to participate in the protest, make sure you know your own rights, too. 


    Provide students with resources, such as PEN America’s advice on how to plan a peaceful protest, which offer practical guidance.


    Direct students to legal, safe, and effective methods of protest. Protesters should not be permitted to shut down, shout down, or obstruct speech. 


    If students choose to engage in civil disobedience, make sure that they understand their rights and the consequences they can expect for their actions. See PEN America’s information on protests involving civil disobedience.

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