If you are being threatened or punished for your role in a campus protest

Peaceful protest is legal in most instances, classified as protected expression on public campuses, and often guaranteed at private universities through institutional policies. Know your rights and be prepared to defend them.


    Gather records from the protest in question, including evidence of your conduct.


    For additional support, submit your case to a free-speech organization, like FIRE. The organization will support and advocate for you and, when necessary, can reach out to your school.


    If you need legal protection from your university or would like to bring a suit against it, consult with or hire a lawyer.


    You may choose to tell your story through social media, media interviews, or written publications. 

    See UO Student Collective’s Facebook post


    Publicly and privately work to reform any university policies that restrict speech inappropriately.


    Overly punitive policies are often not isolated cases. Your experience may give you an opportunity to fight against campus trends and recent state-level bills that have aimed to limit and police student protest too heavily.