If you find hateful messages on campus

Finding hateful materials on campus can be distressing to you and other students. There are many steps you can take to respond.


    If you feel comfortable doing so, create a record of the hateful material, taking pictures or videos when applicable.


    Immediately inform campus authorities so they can assess whether to remove or cover the hateful materials.


    If you feel offended, upset, or unsafe, seek out channels of support. Fellow students, faculty, or administrators may be similarly affected or ready to act as allies in response.


    Speak out against hate on campus by writing op-eds, inviting speakers, publishing statements, staging counterprotests, or otherwise voicing dissent to show that hate is not welcome at your school.


    To protect free speech, it may be necessary in some instances for the university to both condemn hateful expression and vociferously defend the speaker’s right to air it.


    Urge your university to respond visibly and vigorously to bias and bigotry, but advocate that these efforts not come at the expense of free speech. Fight against any campus policies that police speech too forcefully.

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