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Princeton University’s “Addressing Concerns: Freedom of Expression”


“Many Voices, One Future” is Princeton’s centralized online hub for information related to diversity and inclusion. The site features campus resources, initiatives the university is undertaking to be more inclusive , and a compendium of policies and procedures related to diversity and inclusion. The site draws on the university’s Statement on Freedom of Expression to affirm its support for free speech in tandem with its support for diversity and inclusion on campus.

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What we like about this website

  • Makes an explicit connection between the values of free expression and diversity and inclusion.
  • Affirms the university’s commitment to each and emphasizes the ways in which they are mutually reinforcing. 
  • Uses the university’s robust statement of principles regarding freedom of expression as its foundation. 
  • Clearly distinguishes between protected speech and unprotected speech, including threats, defamation, and harassment. 
  • Quotes Princeton president Christopher L. Eisgruber’s succinct statement on the relation between free speech and inclusion: “You need both free speech and inclusivity for a campus to succeed…getting a robust discussion isn’t just about unfettered speech, it’s also about inclusivity and making sure that the variety of voices are present at the table.”
  • Includes a reading list that presents many sides of recent debates about campus speech and inclusion, featuring official university statements, commentary by Princeton faculty, books and scholarly articles, surveys and reports, and other resources.